About Us

About Us

garyMy interest in printing began over 25 years ago. Back in the “good ol’ days” it seems as if everyone had an impact printer and thus we sold multipart forms as our main offering.

I was fortunate enough to develop a relationship that led to some big sales. I began selling computer, fax, and copy paper to a little known office supply company by the name of Staples. Our offering grew to include other “price clubs” such as BJ’s, Pace, and Costco. Hundreds of truckloads later that business began to change rapidly as the use of continuous computer paper started to phase out. The dreaded “plain paper” fax sealed the fate of thermal roll fax paper.

My business turned toward commercial printing, a novelty at the time for a “forms” salesperson. My comfort level grew as I established quality trade partners to provide commercial print. I experienced the evolution of presented artwork from 3.5″ floppy disks to Syquest to zip drives and eventually to CD-ROMS. Sending pdf attachments and graphics links today seems so easy.

Then the print world went digital. This has had the single largest impact on the industry as I see it. Print quality has markedly improved and equipment affordability through leasing has allowed small, medium, and large companies an in-house print option.
Print salespeople are more creative now than ever. Most have chosen a specialized market such as labels, fulfillment services or promotional products. I have enjoyed the diversity and have become extremely resourceful over the past quarter century. Even today I assist my peers and competitors too as they inquire about possible sources for uncommon products.

Through the years of change, I have remained focused on a network of top quality, fiscally viable, and integrity based print providers. My customers benefit from my wide sourcing and industry experience. I will continue working hard to match the customer need with the best provider for years to come. It is my hope that my commitment to quality and to the customer will be clearly visible to all.

Thank you for your continued support – you are appreciated indeed!